About us

Swift Resources Corporation is a minority owned SBA, Industrial Supply House servicing Phoenix, Tucson and the surrounding areas. We are not your traditional Industrial Supply House.  We specialize in thinking outside of the BOX! Here at SRC we work directly with our customers, providing the highest level of customer service and special attention to details; ensuring that each and every order is delivered on time!! 

We offer a wide range of products and service to cover all your business needs. Please take a few moments to browse our products and like our page.


I founded Swift Resources in Tucson, Arizona because I felt that I could help small businesses and groups spread their message more effectively and reach new clients. I liked the idea of small businesses growing organically and developing over time as people learned about them from their friends and people they trusted. I don’t necessarily dislike the idea of marketing, but I often find myself reaching out to friends, family and neighbors for a recommendation when I am in the market for a new product or service. I also observe what others are doing around me as well as other businesses. As I observed these businesses and products that my friends and family use, I have noticed that a lot of these groups show up in rag tag clothing, or generic safety vests you can pick up at any supply store. When I see people, landscapers, construction workers, volunteer groups, or organizations that are wearing these, I often find myself wondering why anyone would show up like that. I realized that these two things actually coincide. Being able to get these people to use equipment that represented the company or organization they were working for would not only make them look more professional, but it would also let me know who they were. So, when I saw them around with friends, I could identify them better if I wanted to use them. I figured there has to be a reason why these people aren’t wearing the right gear. Further thinking about it, two reasons came to mind with that: either they didn’t know how, and/or they couldn’t afford it. That’s where the idea for Swift Resources came from. I wanted to create a place where people who didn’t know how to brand themselves or didn’t think they could afford to, could come and do just that. We offer services to help small business owners who might only have a business card and turn that MSWord logo into a real logo and get it embroidered, screen printed, or engraved into the tools, equipment, and apparel that they use daily. To me, this is the most sensible way of marketing. Why try to just pay for an online web advertisement when you can put your name on the back of your shirt, or have your pop up tent advertise it proudly. This is the equipment you already need to purchase, so why not have it tell those who see you doing great work, who you are. If you’re like me and want to invest in your company, your equipment, and your people, let us help you turn those investments you’re already making into an effective marketing tool to help you grow your business.