Applying logo or company name to custom products to improve the appearance and advertising of your business.


Graphic Design

We can help you design or recreate your company’s logo to better help you advertise who you are.


Custom Programs  

A visit to the client’s facility for a full inspection of all hand protection and safety products to ensure your company is up to industry standards.  We will develop individualized safety incentive based programs for your company. We also inspect your current safety program; if your company does not have one, we will customize one to fit all your needs. 

Print Work

Screen Printing/Direct to Garment 

State of the art processes which combine screens to transfer ink designed to print directly on to garments.

(Sample previews)

Pad Printing/Promotional Products/Trade Show

A multi-step print process that involves the transferring of 2-D images onto 3-D promotional or safety products to promote your business brand

(hard hats, mugs, lanyards, tablecloths, boots, etc.)

Custom Vinyl Printing  

Customized Printing on vinyl

(banners, magnets, vehicle decals, stickers, and much more) 

Custom Embellishment

Custom designed and adornment of apparel and/or promotional goods to fit your company’s needs

(sandals, bows, shirts, hats, bags and much more)

Custom Printing

(business cards, letterhead, envelopes, labels, company stickers, banners, flyers, and calendars, magnets)

Stitch Work

Machine stitching on the apparel of your choosing; stitching is available in a variety of colors



Custom Patches