Secure Sling & Strap

2″x8′ Super Ratchet Tie Down with Snap Hook

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  • Swivel360 Technology – Ratchet-mounted swivel hook pulls the ratchet out from under the vehicle, eliminating bruised knuckles or difficulty getting leverage. Bottom line, the SuperRatchet makes it easier to SECURE your vehicle better.
  • Integrated Axle Strap – No need for extra axle straps that get lost or stolen. The SuperRatchet is a complete, all in one tool for securing your vehicle.
  • Industrial-grade Triangle Ring – Our triangle ring has been specifically engineered to fit the Safety Snap hook. No moving, rubbing or possibility of the strap coming undone.
  • Safety-Snap Technology – Our Safety Snap has a twist to ensure that it fits perfectly over the heavy-duty triangle ring. It then locks into place ensuring that your vehicle is SECURE at all times.
  • Protective Covering – A protective sleeve makes sure that your get the maximum life for each strap
  • Easy-Glide Technology – Because of our Easy-Glide Technology it’s just as easy to operate a SuperRatchet with two fingers as it is two hands.
  • UV Resistance – Our 100% hi-tenacity polyester webbing resists UV-degradation, meaning your straps are stronger, longer.
  • Hi-viz Safety Tag – Our safety tag is DOT compliant and provides clear instructions for safe use.
  • Webgaurd Technology – Our Webgaurd Technology ensures that your strap is protected from the hook itself, extending the life of the tie-down strap.

Material: High-tenacity polyester 
Width: 2 in
Length: 8 ft
MBS: 10,00 lbs
Hook: Safety Snap Hook

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