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FR Contractors Plus Coverall

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The FR Coverall You Want To Wear

A wise person said, "Don't add expenses that your customer would not want to pay for." With this in mind, we took our finest Benchmark 2.0 Series arc & flame resistant fabric and made a great fitting high-quality coverall without some unnecessary pocket flaps! This coverall became so popular we decided to phase out some of our other, more elaborately designed, coverall styles and focus on this one exceptional value and go deeper into inventory

The Contractor Plus is the only coverall that we know of that offers a free one-year warranty for free repairs. Just clean it and send it back clean, we will patch it up free of charge. At 6.6 ounces this coverall is a soft and light coverall with exceptional durability. You can probably spend about 10% less for a cheap import, but it’s going to be stiff, fit poorly and probably smell bad; good luck getting a year out of it too! Or you can opt for a coverall with 40% US components that offers lightweight protection against arc and flash fire with UL compliance. This coverall is a sports car with roll up windows! If you want to add any options such as leg zippers, embroidery or patches, we can customize in about two days in our manufacturing facility in California. See the Flame Resistant striping page for all striping options.


6.6 oz. Benchmark 2.0 Flame Resistant Cotton
ATPV = 8.6 cal/cm2,  HRC 2,  ASTM F1506,  NFPA 2112 Compliant



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