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FR Really Nice Shirt 2.0

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Ten Years Later its Even Nicer!

Is it difficult to make a tailored men’s shirt in the USA? Yes. Who does that? We do! Not only does Benchmark make this button down shirt in the USA we are proud to put our flag on one of the best arc and flame resistant shirts on the market today. We even call it the “Really Nice” shirt because that is what it is! The Really Nice Shirt offers compliance, comfort and it’s the only FR shirt on the market with a One Year Free Repair Warranty.With dual compliance to both an Arc Level/HRC 2 rating for arc flash and UL certification to NFPA 2112 compliant for flash fire. It has less than 2% shrinkage in the laundry, superior colorfastness and is flame resistant flow life regardless of how many times you wash and wear it. While the USA made 'Really Nice Shirt 2.0' will cost about a little more, it will be more comfortable and outlast any competitors' cheap imported shirts. You get a far superior product, a warranty and US craftsmanship for those few extra bucks. Women's version is 1026FR.

6.6 oz. Benchmark 2.0 FR Cotton
ATPV = 8.6 cal/cm2,  HRC 2,   NFPA 2112 Compliant
Made in the USA


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