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FR "Skully" Lite Balaclava

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FR "Skully" Lite Balaclava

The FR Lite Balaclava solves a lot of problems with other balaclavas. It's maneuverable. It thin. You can pull it below your chin and then it needs to sit back on your nose it will. It is never itchy and wicks moisture.

FR Lite Balaclava is made in the USA from an inherently flame resistant blend of fibers. The material is soft and breathable, never itchy. It fits comfortably under any hard hat and will adjust to the wearer's head & face. The top section is constructed like a skull cap and incorporates a face mask which can pull down below the chin.

Unless you have an extraordinarily large head, well outside the pumpkin index, this is a one size fits all head apparatus. If you do happen to need a much bigger, or much smaller, balaclava then contact us and we can make it for you. This product comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty, so as long as you do not lose it, we will fix or replace it, guaranteed.

7.5 oz. Inherent FR Blend
Ebt = 9 cal/cm2,  HRC 2,   ASTM F1506
Made in the USA


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