FR "Sol Shade" Hard Hat Neck Shade
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FR "Sol Shade" Hard Hat Neck Shade

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Keeping the sun off your neck & ears is a priority.

When working outside you are looking down and are probably exposing your neck and ears to the sun for hours at a time. It's a good idea to protect your neck and ears for both health and comfort. Another great idea, recently addressed by safety codes, is not to wear things on your head that will melt, drip and not self-extinguish.

We developed the “Sol Shade” with an ultra-light and inherent flame resistant material which attaches to the brim of hard hats. There are two enclosed channels of elastic that grabs the edges of the hard hat. We have tested this attachment both front and full brim hard hats from different manufacturers, and it worked perfectly. Full Disclosure: It's kind of difficult to put on the hard hat, it takes two hands and some coordination. The good news is that once it's on you can forget about it.

Reports from the field tell us that not losing your peripheral vision is a added benefit. We have found some people like to spray the “Sol Shade” with nonflammable insect repellant while others just enjoy the shade.

According to NFPA 70E other apparel that does not "meet the requirements regarding melting, or made from materials that do not self-extinguish are not allowed to be worn. So don't use the plastic orange or lime polyester neck shades you see road workers in. If there were an arc flash or flash fire, you would look like a burning candle wearing a hard hat!  It is proudly made in the USA.

5.2oz. Inherent FR Blend
Ebt = 6.4 cal/cm2,  HRC 1,   ASTM F1506
Made in the USA


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