Oral IV

Rapid Hydration

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Package contains four individual ampules - depending on your work load, a single ampule will last for up to six hours of strenuous activity.

Electrolyte and essential mineral replacement is crucial in restoring proper blood sugar levels, and is necessary for enzymatic reactions that promote correct blood volume. Without them the quality of performance during long-term or explosive short-term exercise decreases. ORAL I.V. has been formulated to provide Crystalloid Electrolytes and essential trace minerals to keep the body operating at peak performance.


  • Promotes faster recovery from injury stress or strenuous exercise
  • Quickly heightens concentration and alertness
  • Supports neurotransmitter function in the brain
  • Increases oxygen uptake at the cellular level
  • Dramatically boosts energy levels and strengthens the immune system
  • Raises osmotic pressure level of cells to keep them strong
  • Increases body enzyme production
  • Helps keep the body's homeostasis balance
  • Aids in efficient removal of toxic body acids
  • Enhances uptake of vitamins, macro minerals, proteins and other essential nutrients from natural food sources or dietary supplements
  • Helps to reestablish healthy pH levels
  • Five Year shelf life


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